About Us

The Darkhorse Athlete is a strength and conditioning facility that focuses on the olympic and power lifts with the metabolic conditioning portion as a secondary component. We are firm believers that technique and strength are the foundations to your physical preparedness to perform everyday life activity, and believe we must perfect movement before we can perform them at a high level of intensity. In order for us to be the best coaches we can be, and for you to be the best athlete you can be, programming and coaching is established for each individual member. With that said, a majority of class time is spent working on technique, mobility, and overall general strength. However, there will still be metabolic conditioning workouts programmed,  that work as assistance to our primary program in order to keep our engines and work capacity levels up to par.

We view ourselves as life athletes.  The Darkhorse Athlete’s primary focus isn’t to so much as in develop all-star athletes in a competition field, but to develop individuals to compete against life itself. Day in and day out we are put into positions of winning and failing, and we need to train our physical and mental bodies to compete when situations arise. When it comes to taking on life, we are the underdog, but if we can properly train ourselves inside a gym, we can develop the ability to win outside of it. Every underdog, every person, the one no one expects…the darkhorse, has a shot at winning. And if we have a shot, we are going to train ourselves to the best of our abilities to take it.

Don’t get us wrong, some of us love to compete, whether it may be in crossfit, usa olympic weightlifting, marathons, or other avenues of sports performances.  Our goal is to be winners, regardless of the field we take.

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